Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan in Puerto Rico is the island’s heart and soul. This metropolis displays high-rises, luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and the latest fashions! Everyone would be delighted to visit San Juan and its surroundings with their varied offerings, for a unique experience.


The cosmopolitan mix draws many to visit San Juan in Puerto Rico, home to about two million Puerto Ricans, which offers a tourist the best of it with its diversity. It is a shopaholic’s delight, while the business traveler can scurry off to close that all-important business deal.

As the night comes alive, all serious activities take a breather for the visitor to enjoy the many offerings of in this Metro area. Late night activities come on with lots of partying and a sip or two of delicious Puerto Rican rum cocktails.


San Juan Puerto Rico faces the Atlantic Ocean which is within an hour’s drive away from any of the island’s different regions. En route, there are exciting stops like the North Region, a region composed of 13 towns with technological and ecological offerings. Only a 2-3 hour drive away from San Juan, Porta del Sol offers splendid surfing beaches that can be found nowhere else in the world.

There are also the daily catches of fresh seafood offered by quaint shacks, the bioluminescent bays and endless beaches for swimming and frolicking in the sun. A 2-hour drive from San Juan in Puerto Rico is La Parguera, a small town that offers great local hospitality. Stunning crimson sunsets are to be enjoyed at all these beaches.

Porta Caribe

Another exciting location near San Juan in Puerto Rico is Porta Caribe in the south, which offers a potpourri of cozy townships on the seashore, at the foothills of fantastic mountain ranges. Ponce, the region’s largest city, contains the Ponce Art Museum that houses one of the most amazing pre-Raphaelite collections to be found in the west.

East Offerings

It is possible to hop from island to island by ferry to enjoy its clear waters and fine sandy beaches.

The east showcases the El Yunque National Rainforest, the only U.S. rainforest under the U.S. Forest Service. It is home to more than 240 different species of flora and fauna.

Central Delights

For those who love mountains and the outdoors, the central region is a great reason to visit there. There are many hiking trails, camping sites and nature exploration trips to be experienced while taking in the beautiful mountain views and a consistently cool temperatures.

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