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The beauty of Kashmir is beggars descriptionThe clear waters,the serpentine rivers, the bubbling springs,the snow clad-mountains,the forests ,the fresh water lakes plus our widely known hospitality simply exercise a great charm on people across the globe.The Valley of Kashmir appeals differently to different people. The city is famous for its gardens, lakes and houseboats. It is also known for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits.

History of Srinagar: The city was founded by the King Pravarasena II over 2,000 years ago, and the city of Srinagar has a long history, dating back at least to the 3rd century BC.and has been known by different names The city was then a part of the Maurya Empire, one of the largest empires of the Indian subcontinent .Srinagar became the capital of Kashmir around 960 CE

It is at an altitude of 1,730 m above sea level, spread on both sides of the river Jhelum. The river passes through the city and meanders through the valley, moving onward and deepening in the dal Lake. Today Srinagar is a resort for the tourist who can experience, at first hand, the peculiar beauty of the valley that has attracted the Chinese, the Mughals and the British.The unique Houseboat, the blossoming gardens, water sports activitie rugged terrains, snow capped peaks, chanting monks, chiming monastery bells , shopping for lovingly hand-crafted souvenirs and the nearby resorts make it a simply an ideal place for spending a quality time in the lap of nature.

Srinagar ,the summer capital of Kashmir also known as city of seven bridges has many tourist attractions like River Jhelum, Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Nehru Park, Charchinar, Shankarachariya Temple, Pari Mahal,Ceshma Shahi spring,Tulip Garden, Botanical Garden, Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Harwan Garden and Water Reservoir, Dachigam National Sanctuary, Hazratbal Shrine, Jama Masjid, Old City. Gurudwara Chatti-Padshahi, Shah-i-Hamadan Mosque, Shrine of Makhdoom sahib, Rauzabal, Pather Masjid and Aali Masjid. SPS Museum Lalmandi , Kohi-Maran fort, Harwan Buddhist Sites, and the list goes on….

Some Glimpse From Srinagar